Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Pool of Chaos

When you throw an introvert into a pool of chaos it quickly becomes a life threatening situation.

If a life preserver is not offered to the introvert in a short amount of time, the feeling of drowning begins.

The Life Preserver - is a place far from the edge of the pool. A place that is quiet and filled with only the introvert. The introvert needs this place to see the chaos but not be a part of it. A place where they can observe and process what is going on, so they can figure out where they will best fit into the pool party. 

Drowning - If the life preserver is not offered the feeling of drowning soon begins. The introvert thrashes out trying desperately to keep their head above water, but quickly they become tired, the life drains out of them and a feeling of depression fills them instead. 

One introvert can not save another introvert because they are too busy trying to keep their own head above water.

An extrovert will never understand the feelings of the introvert, as much as, the introvert tries to explain it, or how many times they go to the same pool party. For the extrovert, Life is the pool party.

The only thing that can save the introvert is that life preserver, the place, and time. So they can figure out where they fit in and always, always the introvert needs a purpose.

Give the introvert a job, a purpose, a way to use their gifts and talents and they will be so happy. Resuscitation has occurred.

*After I wrote this story I decided to reread Susan Cain's - Quiet: The Power of the Introvert in a World that Can't Stop Talking. Trying to make some sense of my Introverted Life.


  1. Oh my Sarah soooo good I'm going to get that book....

  2. Truer words were never spoken...I deeply relate to this. From one introvert to another, thank you for sharing, Sarah!

  3. Such a great post! I'm also an introvert that fights against noise and crowds!

  4. Well described Sarah! That photo is scary too!From my observations when catching an extrovert off-guard it is not uncommon for them to be trying to keep their head above water too.

  5. As an introvert too, this is the best description I've read!! I totally relate to "trying to figure out how I fit in". This is excellent Sarah! Thank you for sharing it, and the photo is complete chaos in the pool - been there...done that too! No thank you. :-)

  6. You know me SO well! I am going to send my coworker the link to your post...she will appreciate it, as well! Well written!!!!!!