Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not Much to Say...

Ok... that isn't really true. I have lots to say, just no time to say it.

Summer is flying by way too fast. I know for those of you with kids in Elementary School through High School your summer just started, but for those of us with college kids, our summer is half over already.

Mallory leaves for her 5 week Campus Crusade Summer Mission Project trip to Montana in less than two weeks. We leave for our two week road trip to Montana in just over a month. By the time we all get home from Montana, there will be two and a half weeks before we pack Mallory up, take her back to school and move her into her apartment. So time is becoming very precious...

Hence why I have not been writing much here at Becoming a Finisher. I have been focusing my spare time on my photography this summer. I am sure it is because of our road trip. I want to be the best I am capable of so that I can capture some awesome shots on this trip. The scenery promises to be amazing, so I need to bring my A game.

For the moment I seem to have worked through all my heavy, thought provoking problems. I am sure given time that some new ones will find me.

Exercise - I am still working out with my personal trainer, Maribeth once a week. I am also still taking the High Intensity Interval Training class on Thursday nights. I dropped yoga for the summer, just to free up a day. I have started on the chin-up bar in the last couple of weeks, I am up to 5 shaky ones. Goal is to get to 7 strong ones.

Weight - Is in the maintenance mode, mainly I am gaining muscle, as we continue to concentrate on my upper body strength.

Self-Portraits - I haven't had much spare time to work on these this summer, and to be honest no burning desire to work on them right now. I did convince Mallory to take a new profile picture of me this week. It is current - the current season, the current hair style and length, glasses are coming next week.

Food - Meals continue to be hit or miss around here. I am mainly sticking to things that can be heated up quickly and fast meals. Although, Mallory did make a delicious, healthy Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp the other night. Get the recipe here.

Yes, the ice cream may diminish the healthy qualities a wee little bit, but it is so yummy!


  1. What is it my therapist likes to say (over and over as it seems to fall on my deaf ears) it's "balance and perspective". Sounds like you have those in check.
    Summer unkindly is always the shortest season. I hope your trip to Montana will be fabulous. One cool thing when you're taking pics, as you reveiw them it seems to stretch out the time you spend "there". When I look at my Cuba pics, I can feel the moments return vividly.
    5 shaky ones is good.

  2. Terrific post...cannot wait to see your Montana photos. Glacier National Park? Might have to do that one day. Love love love love your photo with the yellow-orange flowers. Always love to read your posts!

  3. Time so rushes past doesn't it, you have a busy time coming up, I'm looking forward to seeing your trip photographs and your new glasses.....

  4. I don't feel as if summer had arrived here yet - I'm still wearing my winter clothes and boots which is very unusual for me at this time of year.Looking forward to your trip photos - you're well prepared to take amazing shots!

  5. I've heard Montana is gorgeous. I must put a visit on my bucket list. ;-> Can't wait to see your pics. What a beautiful backdrop in the image of Mallory! And I really love the flowers ... the composition, so inviting. BTW, isn't it funny how sometimes when we think we have nothing to say, we really have so much to say?

  6. I've never been to Montana. I look forward to hearing about your adventures there.

  7. Hi, Sarah,my daughter and her husband are on staff with CRU in Ft. Worth, TX. Hope Mallory has a great summer.

  8. Sarah,
    Love your new photo. You look great in purple! Have a wonderful time on your trip - will look forward to some lovely photos when you return. Also, thanks so much for your encouragement re: barriers. :) Helps so much to hear from others!

  9. Just found your blog through Lynne. I am a Michigan blogger too and have college age daughters. I am now following your pretty blog and look forward to reading more :-)