Thursday, December 6, 2012

Giving Thanks (for a new tree) - P52 Week 48

Growing up as I did in the country, the question of where to get our Christmas Tree was never an issue. My parents in the early years of their marriage had planted young Christmas trees on part of their 23-acre property.  As the trees grew they sold some each year for a little extra spending money. There was still one for us and enough for family and friends.

Fast forward 20 years to the early years of my own marriage. Glen and I could never agree about what to do for a tree. Do we buy one from one of those tree lots? My parents own trees had long grown into a giant spruce forest.

Or do we bite the bullet and just buy an artificial one? Most years by the second week of December, we would climb into Glen's little gray Ford Ranger and head out into the evening darkness to try and pick the perfect tree from one of those tree lots. When Glen traded in his truck for a little red Plymouth Neon, that was the end of the tree lot adventures.

Finally, we caved in and bought an artificial tree. That first one met a tragic end after only a few short years. One of the cats decided to use the tree and the box that it was stored in as a litter box.

The replacement to that tree lasted nearly 20 years. Two years ago it was decorated for it's last Christmas. Too many branches were losing parts each year, so that the shape of it wasn't so nice any more.

Last year, much to our daughter's disgrace we used our 4 foot tall artificial tree for the main tree. I put it on a wooden box, that I covered with the tree skirt to give it a little extra height. We weren't having the family Christmas party at our house, so I didn't feel compelled to buy a new one just yet.

This past weekend the replacement was finally purchased. I hate spending so much money on something that sits in your basement for 11 months out of the year. But, if this tree lasts 20 years, it will work out to about $20 per year. That is cheaper than a real tree every tree, and I don't have to worry about watering it.

The new tree is pre-lite and snaps together in three easy parts, so Glen and I are both happy. I hate doing the lights and he hates assembling.

This year we went for a less cluttered look to the tree. Only the ornaments that Mallory has made or ones that we have been given as gifts adorn the tree. Along with some simple floral embellishments, that Scout has found great delight in chewing up already.

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  1. Love your Christmas tree evolution. I did that 4' artificial tree thing a few years ago and the kids just laughed. "That's your tree! Come on, Mom!" I mean, gee, they are both over 6' tall. LOL